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Thread: 10 adjectives that best describe your image of the English national character

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    Question 10 adjectives that best describe your image of the English national character

    What is, in your opinion, the 10 adjectives that best qualify the national character of the English people. Watch out that I am not asking for the British national character, but only for England, without Scotland, Wales or Ireland.

    If you are not English, I want it to be based on your own experiences and compared to the people in your own country. If you are English

    If you are English, try to think of the difference you have experienced with people in other cultures, and what best defines Englishness.

    Here is my list :

    - independent-minded (sometimes to the point of eccentricity)
    - polite (but hypocritical)
    - critical (both in the positive and negative way)
    - moody
    - class-conscious (and actually quite different according to the class)
    - polarised (could be formal yet easy-going; traditionalist yet eccentric)
    - practical-minded
    - entrepreneurial
    - humourous (often sarcastic or ironic)
    - reserved
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