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Thread: Spain's Blood Sport Culture of Bullfighting

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    Bullfighting is just another indicator of mental degradation that is detected in humanity by various forms.

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    Charlotada o "Charlotá"

    Comic bullfighting
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    Comic bullfighting or charlotate, also known as bullfighting bufo, is a variant of bullfighting, although comic. The name of charlota is due to the nickname of the artist Carmelo Tusquellas, who acted dressed as Charlot, famous character of Charles Chaplin.

    Featured artists
    In addition to Tusquellas, other artists who stood out in the comic bullfighting were Rafael Dutrús and José Colomer, who participated in a trio called the “company of Charlot, Llapisera and Buttons.” Great figure of the Valencian comic bullfighting, Dutrús also acted with the musical formation the Banda l'Empastre.

    Another prominent figure of the comic bullfighting is Pablo Celis Cuevas, responsible for the show The Bullfighter Firefighter, where he was dressed as a firefighter and where people with dwarfism also bullfighted. This show was no longer held in 2017.

    PD: I disagree. They continue to be held or hired for group events privately.

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