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Thread: Suggestion for a place for breakfast in central Brussels

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    I will be visiting Brussels later this year and I will be staying at the NH Atlanta Hotel on Adolphe Max I want a decent place to eat breakfast which is near to the hotel but does not cost a fortune. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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    There is a very good website for all restaurants in Belgium : There is "breakfast" in the advanced search options.

    However why just breakfast ? Breakfast is usually served in hotels, especially big hotel like NH.

    If you want someting cheap you can buy sandwiches directly from a supermarket (e.g. Delhaize next to the Sheraton at the end of Adolphe Max Boulevard), or even better, eat at a Bakery like Delifrance (on Rue Neuve, just 2min walk from your hotel, facing the huge Inno Department Store).
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