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Thread: Newspapers: Endangered Species?

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    Question Newspapers: Endangered Species?

    It used to be that when I got my newspaper I would spend a fair amount of time reading most of the articles at least enough to get a good understanding of what is going on the world. However, these days, due to the internet, I usually get the exact news article on Yahoo`s main page about a day before the print newspaper is delivered to my door. Therefore, the time I spend reading the newspaper is seriously reduced.

    While reading it and scanning the titles I instantly recognize the on-line version and therefore skip it totally. Most of the major news in the print versions pop up on the internet. I seriously wonder at times if I should stop subscribing to print newspaper. The only thing that keeps me from doing so is that I enjoy sitting in a restaurant or coffee/tea shop turning the pages as I read.

    But, just today in the paper there was an article about how the papers are bemoaning their slow demise due to the internet. Advertisers are leaving print media for internet based media and fewer and fewer young people who are more wired to the web seldom buy or subscribe so therefore growth in new readership is negative and is made worse as the older generation passes away.

    How about you? Have your reading habits in relation to the internet and newspapers changed? Do you ever see the time where you will for the most part no longer seek out news print to get your information?
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    I have buy newspapers or magazines (anymore) as I read everything on the Internet. The only time I read paper version in on the plane. I already see newsagents as a quaint relic of the past that has remained in our environment, like old cathedrals, pendulum clocks or horse carriages for tourists.

    EDIT : I have just found this article on the topic => The Economist : Who killed the newspaper?
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    I gave up on newspapers years ago. Full of crap and not much in the way of being useful. I get most of my news of the radio, mainly radio 4, and sometimes from the TV or net. Actually I'm not really interested by the news, as I find it depressing or annoying. I don't really care if celebrity X is divorcing celebrity Y or that celebrety Z has checked into rehab. The only time I will look something up if someone brings something to my attention that I might find interesting.

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    I have never had a TV or subscribed to newspapers. The difference the internet has made to my reading habits? I've finally started actually getting news!

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