In the last year there have been several news articles on the efforts of scientists and researchers in growing meat without the life of an animal involved. From what I`ve read it appears that the technique involves growing thin layers of meat cells and then once that is perfected, the layers would be stacked on top of one another giving it thickness.

If this ever becomes a possibility, then I would see no moral issue in consuming this meat. But, that is not the main point of this thread. I want to discuss the implications and possibilities of this technology if it comes to be.

So, let`s say this is possible and it has now been perfected. Imagine the different array of meats that could be grown for consumers. Of course there would be the typical meat such as beef, pork, and chicken, but then there would also be exotic meat -- perhaps even from endangered animals. Once cells were cultured from a siberian tiger, tiger meat could be had without any impact to the wild population. Ok, that is fine, right? And I see no moral issue with that.

But, what about restaurants or supermarkets offering grown human meat? Would that be wrong? What if it were more delicious or healthy than other meats? Perhaps the meat could be grown to resemble different ages -- infant meat (kind of like veal -- I geuss), adolescent, 20s, middle aged etc...

Do you think it would be immoral to eat meat grown from human cultured cells? -- if so, why? I do not. The gross factor is there, I admit, but there is no cruelty or suffering factor from a sentient life that feels pain so I see nothing imorral with it.