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Thread: Map of the 63 EU States

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    Arrow Map of the 63 EU States

    Here is what Europe's political division really look like at present, if we divide it by semi-independent states (i.e. regions with their own parliament and laws). This is what Europe would look like if there were to become a federal EU right now. However, it wouldn't be balanced without the other big countries (esp. France, Italy and Poland) being also divided a smaller states. France would be difficult psychologically, except for regions that already claim more autonomy, like Corsica, or historically separate regions, like Alsace and Lorraine, or again linguistically different ones, like Bretagne (Gaelic), Roussilion (Catalan) or the French Basque country.

    Currently only the following countries are already federal : Britain (4 states), Belgium (2x 3 states juxtaposed), Germany (16 states) and Spain (17 states).

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