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Thread: Best historical comic series ?

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    Question Best historical comic series ?

    What are your favourite historical Franco-Belgian comics, and which would you choose as the single best one of all ?

    Here is an extensive list of historical comics on Amazon France. There are over 80 series and over 1500 books listed just for that category, although some are still missing.

    Here are my favourites by historical period :

    Antiquity :

    - Murena

    17th century :

    - Les 7 vies de l'épervier

    18th & 19th century :

    - Giacomo C.
    - Dampierre
    - Le Scorpion
    - Arno
    - Double Masque
    - La vengeance du comte Skarbek

    Early/mid-19th century :

    - Djinn
    - India Dreams
    - Sophaletta

    Early/mid-20th century :

    - Ce qui est à nous

    Other periods

    - Les Maitres de l'Orge (mid-19th century to now)

    It is very difficul to choose only one favourite, especially that some of the above have only started a few years ago and so only have 2 or 3 volumes released so far. If I ommit those new series, my vote would probably go to Les Maitres de l'Orge, Sophaletta, then Le Scorpion, in this order. Arno and Giacomo C. have the longest stories so far, but as they are older the graphics are also a bit less good.
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