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Thread: Best action/adventure comic series ?

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    Question Best action/adventure comic series ?

    Probably one of the most popular genre, both for comics and cinema, it is difficult to find a more general name for this genre but "action". This includes contemporary stories of sex, money, adventure, murder, deception, police, government, big corporation, organised crime, and so on. Many historical comics may fit the description as well, but there is another discussion page for them here.

    Recent Belgian comics are especially strong in this genre, and most stories are set in the USA, or with an American hero. Here is a list of over 75 series and 1700 titles of police & suspense comics on Amazon France.

    My favourites are :

    - XIII
    - Largo Winch
    - Wayne Shelton
    - I.R.$.
    - Niklos Koda
    - Alpha
    - Insiders

    The three first in the list are all by Jean Van Hamme, and are probably the best, with arguably Largo Winch as the best of all. Only XIII and Largo Winch have more than 10 volumes so far, which give them an advantage. Let's see in a few years how the other newer series have caught up.

    A few promising ones of which I have only read the first volume are :

    - Black Op
    - Mourir au paradis

    N.B. : You can read part or all of about 150 titles online on
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