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Thread: Best original comics

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    Arrow Best original comics

    This thread id dedicated to the comics that do not really fit a specific category due to their originality.

    My recommendations are :

    - Blacksad : one of the few Spanish comics. It is a police story, but all the characters have the face of animals (Blacksad, the hero is a cat).

    - Le fils de la louve : An Italian student of archeology goes to Rome to study more about ancient Rome. After finding a strange sign of a female wolf with a broadsword in her mouth, he wakes up in Ancient Rome wearing Roman clothes and speaking Latin...

    - Apocalyse Mania : contemporary action story with strong elements science-fiction (extraterrestrial powers), but also travel in time to the 18th century (only, so far).

    - Le Décalogue : a Glasgow editor and would-be writer receives a 200-year-old manuscript from an old woman who held it from a French ancestor. The old woman dies family-less, and the editor discovers the master-piece of the Romantic French writer, a novel called "Nahik". The decalogue, the last will of Mohammed written on a camel bone, is mentioned and even illustrated. What is the mystery behind it ? Part of the originality is that the hero changes after each volume. The author has also requested no less than 10 cartoonists (normally there is only one, possibly two), so as to publish the whole 11-volume series within 2 years.
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    ^ lynx ^

    I'm more into Frank Miller's graphic novels and manga.

    But I'll try to get some of your recommendations, thx.

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    The Adventures of Tintin are probably at odds with most American comics. This type of genre-ranging adventure story that is also humorous does not have much of an equal here, where superheroes, autobiography, or minimalism (in the Raymond Carver-esque sense, not visually) are most prominent. I rarely see them in comic stores, but for some reason they are always on the shelves of Barnes & Noble. Give Tintin a try, resist the urge to read all those little panels at a breakneck adventure-ish speed, and take your time enjoying a European master’s skill. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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    His mother is a prostitute, he drinks, he is vulgar, he is ugly, but a day, he meets God...

    The Metabarons:
    This Saga is a science fantasy comic series relating the history of a dynasty of perfect warriors known as the Metabarons...
    Created by Alejandro Jodorowsky and illustrated by Juan Gimenez...
    (My favorite comics)

    The Incal:
    The masterpiece of Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius...

    Lanfeust of Troy:
    On the world of Troy, most humans have a single magic power. Each power is unique to the person and includes such diverse feats as walking on water, personal teleportation, and causing thirst in others. However, none can use their power unless in the close or remote presence of a sage of Eckmül, Troy's truest version of a studied magician...
    Lanfeust of Troy fits primarily within the high fantasy genre but is clearly meant for older audiences. Despite high fantasy's classic trappings, the series also incorporates copious humor through numerous methods, including word play, hidden messages, innuendo, and bawdy dialogue...

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    I am searching good comic book.

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