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Thread: Merger founds 'Brussels Airlines'

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    Arrow Merger founds 'Brussels Airlines'

    The merger between SN Brussels (the heir of the defunct Sabena) and Virgin Express had been announed a while ago, but the new name hadn't come out. After years of anticipation at the extraordinary original and trendy new name, it is now official, it will be called "Brussels Airlines" (what amazing creativity, huh ?).

    I see the dropping of any reference to 'Belgium' as predictory of the split (or further regional autonomy) of Belgian states, with the possible creation of a "European Capital District" replacing the current state of "Brussels Capital Region". Belgium is probably the first EU country with a national airline named after a city rather than the country itself.
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    I've seen their commercial on Tv. Quite funny. Glad this is happening... more of these airlines are certainly welcome to faciliate travel within Europe.

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