5.5 million Britons live outside Britain, icnluding 1.3 million in Australia (7.2% of the country's population), and 760,000 in Spain (1.75% of the population). The BBC has just released a special report about it - highly instructive : BBC News : Brits Abroad

English-speaking countries are the favourite place of escape for the Brits (over 3.5 milion of them). Among non-English-speaking countries, Spain and France top the list.

It is also interesting to see whether Britons living abroad are there as pensioners or not, and what is the gender ratio. For instance, the are twice more male Brits in Japan or Sweden than female and almost no pensioners, whereas the ratio is 50-50 in Australia with a lot of pensioners. The USA, Canada, Greece and Turkey attracts a little bit more women than men.