A France 3 report demonstrated the extreme inefficiency of the airport security checks in France. Some journalists intentionally tried boarding a plane with real explosives as well as a detonator inside their hand luggage. The scene was filmed with a hidden camera, and even inside the plane the journalist could leisurely go to the airplane's toilet with his explosives to place the detonator (which he didn't do, but could have, had he been a terrorist).

They repeated the experience 12 times, on domestic and international flights, including flights to the USA, submitted to US-style security checks. They tried with real explosives and real guns, either in their hand luggage or check-in luggage. They only got caught once, for a pair of tweezers ! (not for the guns or explosives)

The hidden camera showed that the security officers often didn't even look at the x-ray screen. Even when they did, they missed the orange explosives. The journalists did the experiment with a x-ray expert agency (not related to the airport), with the same content, and they immediately found the explosives and managed to identify each part and guess what kind of explosive it was. This proves that it is indeed possible to identify explosives with x-ray scans, but the airport staff is incompetent.

A few months ago it was revealed that many airport staff at Paris airports where Muslims with family or friendly connection to known terrorists and extremists.