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Thread: Rome (TV series)

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    Arrow Rome (TV series)

    I have finished watching the first season of Rome.

    I quite enjoyed it. They have done a pretty good job with the decor, costumes and recreating a non-romanticised atmosphere, with actual dirty streets, graffiti in Latin on the walls, and a clear absence of Judeo-Christian morals. This is not always the case with films and series about this period of Roman history.

    They said in the bonus DVD that they tried hard to be as realistic as possible. But what shocked me immediately from the beginning of the first episode is that all the major characters are played by Scottish, Irish and English actors and actresses. Lucius Vorenus (Kevin McKidd) does look distinctly Scottish, and apart from Caesar and Mark Anthony, the others also do look more like the Celtic and Germanic tribes the Romans were fighting than actual Romans.

    So apart from this completely screwed up casting, I do recommend the series.

    In the same line, the series Imperium also seems worth watching. It starts with Julius Caesar (2002), then Augustus (2003) (with Peter O'Toole as Augustus), and Nero (2004). I hope they will continue with other emperors as well.
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    I really enjoyed the first series, the portrayal of Cleopatra as a junkie was intriguing, I read some where she was meant to be a real bore at parties.

    I was given a box set of the second series but I haven't got into it yet, it started to remind me of Coronation Street with togas.

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    I love that

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    ^ lynx ^

    Great series. I recommend everyone to watch BBC's "I, Clavdivs" after watching the whole HBO series.

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