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Thread: After Feminism, Masculinism ?

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    Question After Feminism, Masculinism ?

    A friend forwarded me this email about a modern man's rant about women and feminism. If the word spreads, we could see a new phenomenon of society : masculinism.

    Judge by yourself. Do men here agree (at least in part, or in principle) with this ? Just wondering...

    Women wanted to see themselves as the victims of men, and feminism was born. In the 1990's, women have become dominant over men, and the roles were reversed. Nowadays, women are often more extroverted, sociable and sexually assertive than men. They have become the ones leading most households, filing for divoces, usually getting custody of children...

    They are the ones who choose their sexual partners rather than the reverse. A woman can always say "no", or claim sexual harassment or molesting if a man is too assertive. Should a woman be too sexually aggressive towards a man, he would be be ridiculed should he try to complain for sexual harassment or molesting. Society has come to a point where traditional male pride and newly acquired women's rights have left men in the weaker position, legally speaking.

    Women claim to be more sensitive, but married men are constantly abused by nagging women who do not understand masculine sensitivity. Yes, "masculine sensitivity"; things that women never seem to get about men, like the fact that most men feel tortured when a woman (be it their mother ot wife) repeat the same things over and over again, until they break emotionally.

    Women are emotionally unstable, and expect men to be able to live with it. They cry, complain, throw objects and do emotional blackmail, and find it normal. If a man tries to do the same, he is immediately criticised and looked down, as if he had a despicable character. But women can have a despicable character, and men should almost be grateful for it ! If men applied female standards to themselves, women wouldn't be held in very high esteem.

    Women like, and want to be complimented again and again on their beauty. Should a man do the same, he would be labeled as narcissist and selfish ! Where is the balance here ? Why aren't women narcissist and selfish when they ask their partner to tell them they are the most beautiful of all ?

    They want to be told by their male partner that he loves them, as if they couldn't feel it by themselves, like we men do, instinctively.

    They want to be given presents all the time (the most expensive and luxurious the better), but do not give half as much as they want to be given.

    They want men to think of them as princesses, although most of them are too badly educated (morally or emotionally) to even come close.

    Women always dream of the perfect prince charming - usually fitting all the female traits of characters (warmth, attention, kindness, altruism, sense of fashion, good dancer, good chatter), so that the only men that fit their image of perfection are all gay.

    Women have unreasonable and contradictory demands about men. They want them to be virile, but criticise them for thinking and acting like men. Men do not normally criticise women for being too feminine, either physically or of character. Men tend to dislike too masculine women.

    Women want men to help them with housework or cooking, but when a man seriously does it, they complain either that they feel useless, or that that they need more space for themselves at home.

    Women typically want their ideal man to combine (what they think are) the best elements of masculinity and femininity. If a man had the same expectations, they would want women to be perfectly feminine physically, have all the feminine virtues of character (kindness, care, being good at listening...), none of the feminine defects (nagging, gossiping, emotional blackmailing, not controlling their emotions, narcissism, superstitiousness, irrationality, etc.), and on top of that have all the typically masculine qualities, like logical and rational thinking, being good at fixing stuff around the house, analysing technical data before buying a new car, new electronics or new household appliances, finding solutions to problems, being competitive at work, etc. Such "ideal women" are as rare (if they exist at all) as the so-called "perfect man" that most women dream of. But men know it and hardly ever talk about it, while women spend their life trying to find in vain their "prince charming".

    In short, women lack realism, and get angry when men tell them so. They accuse men of "not understanding women", as if they of course did have any clue about the masculine way of thinking.
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    That's a good article, and in fact my mother has expressed she has been thinking those things for some years now (not a convinced feminist, one might gather! ).

    I only disagree with one thing:
    Women are emotionally unstable... They cry, complain, throw objects and do emotional blackmail, and find it normal.
    I don't agree with that ..... maybe I just disagree with it because I am a woman but I am not like that? I can honestly say that I am a very emotionally stable person, and I know a lot of women who I can't say I've noticed any tendency towards instability... if I think about it, I know about equal number of men and women who are what you might call 'emotionally unstable'... it doesn't seem to be the tendency of either gender more than the other, but rather individuals and their circumstances.

    Personally I find crying, throwing things and emotional blackmail to be unacceptable behaviour and I wonder who would think otherwise. (I don't mean crying in private of course. In any case I accept to be a bit 'masculine' in this aspect but in the context I was understanding it as meaning to cry in an argument to try and get your own way.) Surely if a woman does these things, isn't it childish? I wouldn't say that's acceptable behaviour for a woman any more than a man.

    But other than that, I agree with a lot of what the article says. Men have had a rough deal for a while.

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