Flanders News : Dutch enthusiastic about merger

An opinion poll commissioned by the Dutch broadcaster RTL shows that 77% of the people of the Netherlands would back a merger between their own country and Flanders.

The opinion poll was commissioned at a time when Belgian political parties continue to wrangle about the future direction of our country.

Belgium went to the polls on June 10, but still has no new Federal Government.
Too bad they don't say how many Flemings want to be part of the Netherlands.

Similar polls in the last few years showed that many Walloons wouldn't oppose that Wallonia become part of France. The eternal problem is always Brussels. They really should think of an enlarged region making a EU capital district (and tax free would be great too ).

On a side note, it's high time that those Flanders News journalists (or translators) learn the difference between Holland (2 Dutch provinces out of 12) and the Netherlands when they say "Will Antwerp soon be located in Holland ?". Antwerp has always been part of the "Netherlands" in the meaning of Low Countries, and whatever happens it will never part of Holland.