Since the creation of the free Irish State and now republic this country has been neutral. During world war 2 it was used to show the world and Britain that we were independent, wheather you feel this was right or wrong it was practical as Ireland had no air defence's. After the war the argument went while 6 counties of Ireland remain with in the UK how could the Republic join an organisation like Nato and perhaps have British forces once again down south.

With the signing of the good Friday agreement a referendum was held which removed articles from the Republics constitution laying any claim to the 6 counties, this pretty much removed many of the ghosts in Irish politics and Anglo Irish relations but still neutality remains, its ingrained in the Irish mind set.

Now we have the creation of European battle groups and Ireland looks set to join with Sweden and Finland in the Nordic group, I personally agree with this though it is unpopular with many people, they feel it is undermining our traditional position. There is the argument that we have always been flexible with neutrality, British airmen who crash landed during ww2 were spirited accross the border while Germans were held for the duration, Shannon pretty much belongs to the Americans, we know how to be practical. There is still the triple lock and UN approval before we can go on a mission which to some is to much and others not enough.

How do others feel about these battle groups and where they may be taking Europe? Have you any National problems with their creation or participation? Im eager for views outside the fishbowl of this little state.