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Thread: Buy the Belgian Royal estate for 12m euro only !

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    Talking Buy the Belgian Royal estate for 12m euro only !

    It is official (see article), all the assets of the Belgian Royal family are worth a mere 12 million euro. This includes the two royal palaces in Brussels (each bigger than Buckingham Palace), numerous country castle (Leignon, Ciergnon, etc.), their content, impressive art collections (part of which can be seen in the Royal Palace in central Brussels), and of course the cash and other investments.

    Needless to say that anyone who has 12 million euro would make a real bargain to purchase the whole package at such a discount price. I would estimate the Royal Palace of Brussels to be worth at the very least 200 million euro. I don't know the exact land area, but it is certainly over 10,000 m2 (the facade is 200m long, and the palace forms a square). As the average price for real estate in that part of Brussels is about 2,000 euro/m2, make the count. Add to this the luxury value for exceptional goods.

    The Palace of Laeken is worth even more thanks to its huge park within the limits of the Brussels Region, and some of the world's biggest greenhouses. Just the royal park of Laeken might be worth over 12 million without the castle.

    If Belgium splits, as is increasingly likely, and the monarchy disappears, investors keep in mind that all the Royal estate is available for 12 million euro.

    - end of sarcasm -

    In reality, some specialists estimate the fortune of the Royal family to be around 2 billion euro. Of course, nobody knows for sure, as it is not just real estate... That makes one wonder how much the British Royal family or Japanese Imperial family are worth, as they are obviously much much richer than the relatively new Belgian Royal family (which never had any substantial power, contrarily to those of Britain or Japan).

    The Royals are really make a fool of themselves by declaring that their assets isn't worth more than 12 m euro. Only the most naive idiot could believe that.
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