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Thread: Poles oust evil twins

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    Poles oust evil twins

    Poland had caused many problems within the European Union since the election of the Kaczynski brothers 2 years ago. But the Polish people has reacted accordingly and voiced what a lot of other Europeans thought, by giving a crushing majority to the opposition pro-EU party.

    The Kaczynski brothers were such a threat to Poland's image in Europe that this early election prompted the highest turnout in a Polish election since the fall of communism in 1989.

    More info here :
    BBC News : Polish opposition set for big win
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    I'm very happy about this election's result. J.Kaczyki's government was nationalist and just bad. It divided Poland and did many wrong things in polish politics. PO (Tusk's party) is a new hope for my country.
    Another great new is that two the most pupulist parties: Samoobrona and LPR are out of the parliament.

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