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Thread: Doctor proves out-of-body experience

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    Arrow Doctor proves out-of-body experience

    A doctor from Antwerp in Belgium has accidentally caused an out-of-body experience to one of his patient by stimulating a part of the brain with an electrode.

    After the patient mentioned it, the doctor tried to stimulate again that exact part of brain, and the patient felt it again. The experiment was repeated a few times, always with the same success.

    Thanks to brain imagery, the hospital was able to determine the exact brain activity linked to an out-of-body experience, demonstrating for the first time that it was real, and had nothing supernatural or spiritual to it. It is just an impression (or hallucination) caused by the brain in a determined condition.

    Here are some articles about the discovery :

    MedicineNet : Scientists Spot Brain Center for 'Out-of-Body' Experience

    Reuters : Brain stimulation sparks out-of-body experience

    CBS News : Inside Out-Of-Body Experiences
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    Truth be told

    wow that is amazing

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    amazing article, i really enjoyed while reading it. thanks for sharing.

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    Really amazing!!!

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