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Thread: Medical conditions and risk factors associated with mtDNA haplogroups

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    What about hearing loss? More specifically caused by the SLC26A4 gene mutation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maciamo View Post
    According to ..... mtdna mutation T8993T is associated with a 7-fold increased risk for prostate cancer. This mutation does not define any haplogroup or common subclade.

    .......found the C150T mutation to be associated with centenarians (longevity) and resistance to stress. C150T is found in various haplogroups. The study found cases in the European haplogroups N1b, HV, H, J, T and U.

    C150T defines haplogroups HV1a1, HV12b, H1e1a6, H1o, H1as1, H1av1, H6a1a7, I5a3, J1b7, J1c1c, K1a11, K3, R1b, T2b9, T2c1c1, T2e, U3, U5a1h, U5b, U6a3f, U6a4, U6a7a1b, U6c, V19, V22 and W5a2.

    Among non European or Mediterranean haplogroups C150T is also found in haplogroups B4c1b, B4c1c, B6 F1a3a2, F1e3, F3b1, N9a, N10b, N11b, N21, N22, R0a4, R8b2.
    I just read a study by Chen A. et al "Decreased Reactive Oxygen Species..." dated Oct 29, 2012 stated "The C150T transition was not associated with longevity in the U5, T2, and N9a haplogroups." This statement would eliminate the inclusion of U5 from the longevity assertion.

    BTW, my mother who is U5b, will be 92 soon.


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    According to this here: a higher brain pH/more alkaline brain correlates more strongly with verbal IQ than with non-verbal IQ.

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