One of the essence of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a strong conflict and fight from people¡¯s heart. Actually, the essence of people¡¯s worry are all the strong conflict and fight against the real world. This is the only source for neurosis to maintain. When the war in people¡¯s heart can be finished, it will be the real start to end neurosis. It is what east ancient philosopher called ¡°acceptance¡±. There is no way. No matter you get social phobia, OCD, anxiety or depression; no matter you are skeptical, stutterer, insomnia, gluttony or anorexia, there is no way to get rid of that. The only way is to accept the truth; put down the weapon; don't fight against it; slowly avoid repulsion; don't try to eliminate it; try to used to it. Gradually, you will learn not to conflict and fight with your symptoms again. At that time, you will recover. of course It's just an idea here .practically it's up to you not to go further on the way struggling against it.
OCD Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety disorder characterized by intense, recurrent, unwanted thoughts and rituals that are beyond the person's control. So when we speak of OCD, there must be 2 sides: one side is the recurrent unwanted thoughts, and the other side is your strong desire to get rid of these unwanted thoughts.
So from these 2 sides, we can work out the essence of OCD. The essence of OCD is that you are not willing to accept the existent objective facts and try to escape from it.
As we all know, all the matters have their own reason to exist in this world, they all follow the law of nature to exist in this world, the law of nature which cannot be disobeyed at all!
Remember the first time such weird idea came across your mind Every person, during his or her life, more or less, occasionally would encounter such weird idea or action. So, however weird it is, it has its own reason to be there, it is reasonable to be there, it just appeared in your mind because of the law of the nature, but it pops up on the wrong person, it is you! If it pops up in other normal persons, they may neglect it or feel uncomfortable just for a short time at most, then they continue their lives and do what they should do, and forget such idea, but you, you are not like them! The bad personality created by the environment you have been living in since your childhood always renders you low self-esteem and self-denial. When you encounter such situation, you will not turn outside ( by ¡°outside¡± we mean ¡°do the things you ought to do and do not mind however weird the idea or action is), but inside (by ¡°inside¡± we mean you begin to deny or refuse such idea when you encounter it, you begin to think ¡°why such idea came across my mind¡±, ¡°I cannot let that happen¡±, ¡°I must get rid all of these weird ideas, which will make me comfortable¡±), now you begin to fight these ideas over and over again.
¡°Everything has its reason to be there including all of your weird ideas if the law of nature makes it to appear there, even god cannot help you to escape from it¡±, calmly and carefully taste these words, you will get much. If you understood this ¡°ultimate truth¡± in the first place, you would not become what you are like today! If you understood however weird the idea or action is, it is created by so many factors including external environment and internal mind or personality, it is REASONABLE to be there, you will not fight it or try to free yourself from it, it would not haunt you like this today!
But you never think this way, you have been trying to fight it, try to deny it rather than accept it, you would find that the more fiercely you fight it, the more fiercely it would counter-fight you. You have spent all the energy in the battle and feel so exhausted, but you enemy is always stronger than you however hard you try! Who has made it to grow so strong and so powerful, YOU!, you are not killing it but irrigate it, stop that at once! You have gone the wrong direction, turn back at once, what are you waiting for

All in all, the essence of OCD is that ¡° you are trying to deny yourself¡±, ¡°you are trying to escape from yourself¡± , Is that possible Imagine if you pull your hair upward wishing to lift yourself up from the floor, will that happen I believe your answer is definitely ¡°No¡±, but I tell you, actually you are doing the same thing as hair-pulling, and you have been doing it for many years maybe, will you continue to do it It is up to you!
OCD is an extreme expression or outburst of Low Self-esteem or Self-denial. Furthermore not only OCD, but all the other mental disorders ( including all kinds of Phobia, Depression, Insomnia, etc ) share the same feature. To be more accurate, The essence of all the deep-seated mental sufferings is extremely low self-esteem (inferiority complex) or Self-denial.
You are trying to abandon yourself, you are trying to escape from yourself, you are willing to do anything else except the complete acceptance of yourself. You have gone against the law of nature, so you will be punished for doing so. It is a simple rule.
You keep going forward, trying to find where the way out is, but the way out is just behind, only by turning back will you find it.
¡°Accept Yourself¡±, this is the maxim you can find in almost all the oriental lore such as Buddhism Scriptures. Yes, you are so painful just because you cannot accept yourself, you hate yourself, you cannot tolerate yourself this way for even one more second.
Every morning just after waking up, you start to fight yourself! You activate every muscle, using every method you can find to ¡°kill¡± yourself, you search throughout all the Books and Articles about Psychology, wishing to find a way to eliminate those feelings which are parts of yourself? It turn out to be uncomfortable even painful. The more exhausted you are, the more bravely you fight! You wish to pay any cost to kill the true ¡°yourself¡±, which is an objective presence in the world. You even don¡¯t give yourself one second to take a breath. You will only give up when you have no energy left, maybe you will find when you come up with the idea of ¡°give up¡±, you will suddenly feel relaxed and comfortable, but it will only last for a short time. Some friends have told me that they will suddenly feel comfortable when they decide to see a therapist, only the idea of seeing a therapist will make him feel better, interesting .In fact, when you decide to see a therapist, you are actually doing the similar things as ¡°give up¡±. You might say to yourself ¡° I really have no way of dealing with it, I will see if a therapist can help me.¡±So you see, why not choose a complete ending to it ? Accept youself !

Ask yourself:
When will I be able to break the cycle of OCD ?when can I be free from it?
Do you know the Newton Law?Where there is a action there is a reaction. Where there is suppression, there is resistance. That is just the feature of OCD.
¡°acceptance¡± rather than ¡°fight¡± is the only way out.
However, when we speak of ¡°acceptance¡±, we must point out we must accept it from the bottom of our hearts, accept it completely rather than only accept it on the surface. Here, real and complete acceptance is essential and inevitable.
If you really accept from the bottom of your heart, even if you are fighting, actually you are accepting.
If you just accept it on the surface, even if you are accepting, actually you are fighting.
Dear friends, do you really understand the 2 sentences above If you do, you have taken a big step forward.