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ACtually, it's not true that J1 or J2 was carried by Arabs or Phoenicians.
Arabs did not have any signifant impact in Sicily, since they were a ultra-minority.
The Y-dna J in Sicily comes mostly from Greeks and from Neolithic migrations, as in the rest of Europe

"Another Y-chromosome marker that may have been spread to Europe by Phoenicians and Arabs is the subclade of haplogroup J labeled J*(xJ2) or Eu10. It originated in the southern part of the Fertile Crescent and is very common in Arabia and Palestine (Neolithic J2 or Eu9 is from the northern Fertile Crescent). Its frequencies are 0.9% in Northern Italy, 7.1% in Central Italy and 5.3% in Southern Italy (for a total of between 0.5% and 3.6% admixture). It's important to note that while Phoenician and Arab colonists undoubtedly carried Eu10, its expansion is dated to ~9000-6400 YBP and generally attributed to Neolithic migrations (Nebel et al. 2001). Therefore, levels of recent admixture may be even lower."
I am pleasantly surprised at the level of education at this forum. The Italians have no problem accepting the origin of certain haplogroups from beyond Europe. Nothing to do with my countrymen (I'm Spaniard). In fact the only one who does not accept the scientific reality is this spanish man. I am not surprised!