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Thread: Study shows that IQ decreases with religiosity

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    I wonder whether atheists funded this study. Don't forget secular people or atheists can BE VERY RELIGIOUS and blinded by their "faith", too. Just take a look at social media, university/college campuses and the SJW cult there. Then you'll get what I mean. Besides, when looking at history it can be observed that many highly intelligent people, the leaders of all kinds of revolutions were fanatics. Therefore, there is no correlation between Fanaticism, Extremism and a low IQ. One can rather argue that the blind followers of extremists and fanatics have a low IQ while the leaders are the smart ones. In my opinion, people often conflate wisdom with high intelligence. You can have a high IQ without being smart, in fact be and act foolish. Never underestimate a weak character, the lack of spine, the lack of real virtues and values that undermine a high intellect. Anyway, we have to distinguish between formalism, and being religious in the sense of being very spiritual and connected with God, which means having a living faith.

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    Any fanaticism is not a sign of high intelligence, since there is a substitution of concepts and even though this religious, even anti-religious zeal raises the question of the level of intelligence and adequacy of a person.

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