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Thread: Belgian Tumuli

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    Post Belgian Tumuli

    Tumuli (a.ka.a barrows) are ancient burial mounds built for the wealthy and powerful. They are found in many parts of the world, but are especially characteristic of Bronze- and Iron-age burials in Europe.

    Belgium has a remarkable density of tumuli. They are mostly concentrated north of the Meuse River, in the Hesbay region, roughly between Brussels, Liège and Namur.

    The oldest tumulus is about 5,000 years old. The newest is less than 1,500 years old.

    The name of the province is indicated in brackets.

    • Two Tumuli of Ambresin (Liège)
    • Tumulus of Xhendremael (Liège)
    • Tumulus of Avernas in Hannut (Liège) : height = 8 m ; circumference = 100 m
    • Tumulus of the "champ de la Tombe" in Braives (Liège), 1st century CE Roman tomb.
    • Tumulus of Court-Saint-Etienne (Walloon Brabant), around 3,000 BCE.
    • Tumulus of Glimes in Incourt (Walloon Brabant), Gallo-Roman period : height = 11 m ; diameter = 50 m
    • Tumulus of Hottomont in Ramillies (Walloon Brabant), tomb of Roman general Otto : height = 11.5 m ; diameter = 50 m
    • Tumulus of Oleye (Liège)
    • Three Tumuli of Seron in Fernelmont (Namur), 2nd century CE
    • Tumulus of Pepin of Landen in Landen (Flemish Brabant)
    • Tumuli of the Sonian Forest (Flemish Brabant), first millenium BCE.
    • Three Tumuli of Grimde in Tienen (Flemish Brabant), 1st century BCE Gallo-Roman tombs.
    • Tumulus of Trou de Billemont in Antoing (Hainaut), 6th and 7th-century Merovingian tombs.
    • Tumulus of Walhain (Walloon Brabant)
    • Two Tumuli of Waremme (Liège)
    • Tumuli of Wéris (Luxembourg), 3rd and 4th millenium BCE.
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