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Thread: Germanic countries Y-DNA

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    Germanic countries Y-DNA

    I have read your subject Mr Maciamo about British and Irish Y-DNA haplogroups percents and I have read that Enflish people are about 58% germanic in their paternal side as you recognized and conclused ,
    1-Could you tell me please the percent Germanic Y-DNA in Belgium,Switzerland,Loxmborg,Netherlands ,Germany and austria?
    2-and Could you tell me the percents in your opinion of blond hair in Germany ,England ,Netherlands,Belgium,Loxmborg,Switzerland and Austria?
    3-Is that right that R1b U-152 is the haplogroup which associated with germanic,celtic and Italic people?
    4-Is that right that R1a people occupied the aboriginal scandinavians I1a and I1b and formed the nordic bronze age and then a colonization by R1b U-152 occured in scandinavia and then the germanic migration has begun to colonize europe?
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    I have already answered all these questions. Please use the search engine.

    1. => see genetic make-up of Europe

    2. It is not useful to have percentages by country for such big countries as Britain or Germany, because fair hair frequency varies a lot from one region to another. That is why I made a fair hair map of Europe. As usual, percentages are approximate as it is impossible to survey the whole population.

    3. Yes. U152 is the same as S28. It is explained on the page about European haplogroups.

    4. Also explained in the same page. Note that these are only theories, as nobody knows for sure yet (we won't until a lot of paleolithic, mesolithic, neolithic and bronze-age DNA is tested in each region, which could take many more years).
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