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Thread: Percentage of genetic similarity between humans and animals

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    Post Percentage of genetic similarity between humans and animals

    It is very difficult to find reliable data comparing the human genome to animal genome. The principal reason is that few animals have had their full genome sequenced. Even those that have cannot be easily compared in terms of percentages because the genomic length and chromosomal division can vary greatly from one species to another.

    Scouring the Web, here is what I have found so far.

    - Genome-wide variation from one human being to another can be up to 0.5% (99.5% similarity)

    - Chimpanzees are 96% to 98% similar to humans, depending on how it is calculated. (source)

    - Cats have 90% of homologous genes with humans, 82% with dogs, 80% with cows, 79% with chimpanzees, 69% with rats and 67% with mice. (source)

    - Cows (Bos taurus) are 80% genetically similar to humans (source)

    - 75% of mouse genes have equivalents in humans (source), 90% of the mouse genome could be lined up with a region on the human genome (source) 99% of mouse genes turn out to have analogues in humans (source)

    - The fruit fly (Drosophila) shares about 60% of its DNA with humans (source).

    - About 60% of chicken genes correspond to a similar human gene. (source)

    The number of genes across a few tested species can be compared on HomoloGene.
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