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Thread: Nostratic!!??

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    Question Nostratic!!??

    what do you think?
    dnaforums the corner pub: Possible north nostratic(pre proto ie)south nostratic(pre proto semitic)connection

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    Quote Originally Posted by humanbyrace View Post
    what do you think?
    dnaforums the corner pub: Possible north nostratic(pre proto ie)south nostratic(pre proto semitic)connection
    Don't get me wrong, the Nostratic language family is a wonderful attempt and the Urheimat of each of the languages are in close proximity from eachother. It would be awesome to learn about the culture and the languages of our Stone Age ancestors and to get Nostratic language introduced to the English speaking forums like Eupedia. I'd love to play devil's advocate but the theory remains controversial to the mainstream archeology/linguistics and not well known in the genetic/Linguistic forums so I'm gonna criticize the theory in every direction I can think off. I just found out about the Nostratic language just recently but unfortunately the Wikipedia sources are predominately older than me except for the dictionary. No offense but it would be cool to try to make this theory Mainstream in the 21st century instead of controversial.

    Just curious, how come Proto-Indo-European sounds somewhat like the Native American language; at least in accent and many Uralic languages sounds like a Norseman speaking in a East Asian accent? (See "Source #1") How did the descendants of Mal'ta boy end up in the Zagro's mountains so early? How did the Dravidians get in touch with the Zagro's mountains?

    Just pointing it out there, Joseph Greenberg did his studies from the 50's-90's; the era of Blood genetic Geneology. During the time of Greenberg's passing in 2001, the era of Ydna/mtdna genetic Geneology was just scientifically getting it's foot in the door. Now a days you can figure out your Ancient ancestry and Ydna/mtdna simply by genetic scientists examining your own spit. Now a days the Proto-Kartvellians and Proto-Indo Europeans are theorized to have shared loan words with eachother. However I gotta hand it to Greenberg, Proto-Kartvellian (Ydna G hotspot) Afro-Asiatic (Ydna E & J hotspot), Uralic (Mostly Ydna N) and the PIE Urheimat at least are in close proximity from each other(see "source #2)

    Source #1:

    PIE language:

    Source #2:

    Do you have proof that all of these world languages listed communicated with one another?

    Forgive me if I look like I'm fringe theorizing, I just found out about the language and the articles are hard to come by in the English Language. Any feedback weather critical or promising is appreciated. I'm basicly still learning ^_^

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