We have our first known R-L21* from Luxembourg: Conrardy (YSearch 6C3G6). His most distant y-dna ancestor came from Pratz and is on the R-L21* European Continent Map:


Conrardy inches us a bit closer to a geographic connection between our Rhenish German R-L21* guys and our Northern French R-L21* guys.

He has that 406S1=11, 617=13 combo that is a pretty decent (but not absolute) indicator of L21+ status.

I should probably mention that one of our German R-L21* guys, Lurz, traces his most distant y-dna ancestor to the Siebenbürgen German settlement in Romania (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transylvanian_Saxons).

The earliest Siebenbürgen settlers mostly came from the Luxembourg/Moselle region.