The popular genetic testing company 23andMe has just announced that it will increase its test price from 399$ to 499$ in 5 days' time. Customers will be able to purchase only the ancestry test for 399$, only the health test for 429$, or the combined package for 499$. Upgrades from a partial test to the full test will be possible but will cost more than buying the whole package at once.

This is an unexpected move since DNA test prices have constantly been going down over the years. 23andMe actually cut its original price of 999$ last September. I, and many others, were expecting a new decrease soon, but instead the opposite is happening. No doubt that the quality of the service offered, especially compared to companies that only test Y-DNA and mtDNA, justify the price. I do not understand how people still ordered from other companies and paid more to get less information. In fact, those who didn't order from 23andMe are people who didn't want to know about their health risk (too afraid, I suppose ). 23andMe understood that well. It's a good move to offer separate tests for ancestry and health. I just wished that they would have discounted the partial test (which they started doing with the Health Research test) rather than increase the total. But again, it probably makes sense business-wise as nobody else is offering such a good test for so cheap, even after the increase.