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Thread: Settlers of Finland

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    Settlers of Finland

    Finnish males have 60 % of Asian N-hablogroup and about 40 % Germanic I- and R-hablogroups.
    Other hablogroups are very tiny.
    Maternal lines are despite of that mainly from Europe and near regions.
    N-hablogroup is near relative to Chinese O-hablogroup. Both from K-hablogroup.
    So I suppose that first Finns came from Russia and Siberia about 7000 years before year 0.
    Next migration came about 4500 years before year 0 also from Russia and Volga-river.
    Next migration came from Sweden about 2000 years before year 0. They were R- and I-hablogroups.
    Next came from Baltic, they talked pre-Finnish language. I think they were N-hablogroup.
    And at newer times came population from Sweden, and also from Germany (Hansa).
    So geneatic research proves old stories about Finnish origin.

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    Haplogroup I1 should be referred to as pre-Germanic or Mesolithic Nordic, rather than Germanic. It represents the pre-Indo-European population of Scandinavia and south-west Finland, who therefore did not speak an ancestor of Germanic languages (maybe a relative of Saami).

    N is not much more closely related to O than to R or Q.

    The Finns descend from the Mesolithic Siberians (N1c), Mesolithic Scandinavians (I1) and Bronze-Age Indo-Europeans from the forest-steppe of Russia/Belarus (R1a).

    Interestingly maternal lineages in Finland are overwhelmingly European, with very little Siberian. Mesolithic Uralic speakers probably had male N1c lineages and female H, U5 and W haplogroups.
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    Maciamo, where did you get the information that I1 existed in Mesolithic Finland instead of migrated from Scandinavia during Bronze Age and later? The latter dating is what I´ve seen in other forums.

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