Greetings Maciamo and other forum members!

Thanks Maciamo, I enjoy your website about European haplogroups and I look back for updates.

I would be grateful if you could fill us in on what we presently know about the ancient origins of the English.

Which haplos are associated with which migrations into Britain and with which ancient ethnicities? In what proportions are they present in England today?

My guess is that East Anglia where I am is more Germanic.

I am aware that Walter Bodmer is heading the People of the British Isles Project to investigate British origins and I eagerly await those results.

Btw I tend to agree with you that R1b is IE. You seem to say that the Celts came to England from southern Germany and the Germanics from northern Germany and Denmark. Do we know when these Celts last had common ancestry with the R1b portion of the Germanics?

I am guessing that the R1a in Britain is Scandinavian. Do we know when it last had common ancestry with Slavic R1a?

There seems to be a smattering of Near Eastern haplos here too.

What about the female line? Can we say to what extent it is Celtic or Germanic?

Any info will be much appreciated!