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You are a tuscan of the border then. almost ligurian (and indeed you are descendant of ligurians who in ancient time lived there: Liguri Apuani).
Your dialect has north italian way to speek too. But i don't know, Do you speek with Si impersonale, or with tuscan c, t, p, ?

I remeber a typical feature of Versilia speech (and i don't know if Carrarese o Massese too), famous in televison also thanks to Mario Il Bagnino di Panariello . "Marianna'n Gane!!" "Beatrige ghe dige!" the use of g in some part of the speech, this is a feature present only in that place, and not in the rest of italy.
Salve, Julia

I am from the Lunigiana, north of La Spezia.

Although the things I have read indicate that the line between the northern celtic romance dialects and the more central Italian dialects is generally south of La Spezia, other things I have read say Massa. I'm not a linguist so I don't know. In the Lunigiana, anyway, it's more complicated I think; it depends on geography, and whether Emilia, Liguria or Toscana ruled it and for how long. Where I was born, the dialect is a mixture of all three. (And yes, it has that strange "g" sound. I read somewhere it is also present in Corsica, which makes sense, but I have no idea where it originated.)

My parents were of a generation and a type that valued speaking standard Italian rather than dialect, so they made a point of not speaking to me in dialect. I picked it up outside the home, so I am not a pro by any means. It is very different today. There is a resurgence in dialect there, so much so that in Pontremoli students study in dialect one hour a day, and many towns are changing the road signs naming the towns to dialect. A mistake in my opinion. (And God help the tourists!)

FWIW I don't think genetics exactly mirror language here, and I think the people are generally much more similar to Tuscans than to northerners.

Giulia, I just realized our conversation about language is probably off topic for this thread. If you or an administrator want to move it, that's more than fine with me.