Hey there,

I'm from the UK. I'd like to try living in another European city for 6 months, see a bit of the continent.

I have a budget of around €5K per month. No worries about the job, I work freelance from home, so can do it anywhere. Don't care about the economy or social benefits or taxes or anything like that - I'm self-sufficient and already pay 50%+ in the UK, all said and done.

I'm looking for...

  • Somewhere relatively safe... I want to be able to walk the streets in the day and not feel like I'm going to be knifed at any point.
  • Somewhere good for a 27 year old couple. I'm with my girlfriend and we want to feel there's some life to the place. That doesn't mean nightclubs (I'm not into that scene), but somewhere with a bit of a vibe.
  • Somewhere with good language schools. If I'm in a foreign country, I'd like to at least attempt learning the language with part-time studies.
  • Somewhere with excellent food choices. I'm a real foodie. That also means good, organic options, too, and varied supermarkets, as well as good places to eat.
  • Somewhere I don't feel utterly poor. €5K has to afford EVERYTHING- food, a decent place to live (furnished- don't want to faff about buying stuff only to stay there 6 months), bills, food, days out... for 2 people.
  • Somewhere that actually feels enjoyable. Don't want to live on a farm in the middle of nowhere, or completely isolated. A city would be nice.

FYI, I lived in Paris for 3 months and enjoyed it, but I'm thinking of trying somewhere new.

I've lived in London for a while so please avoid that suggestion.

Right now, I'm considering Dublin, Rome, Prague or somewhere in Switzerland. I have limited travel experience with each (a day or two here and there, didn't really take a whole lot in) so maybe you can suggest somewhere else?

Where would you go?

Thanks! -JB