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Thread: Ranking of the best and worst European airlines

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    Post Ranking of the best and worst European airlines

    The Belgian consumer protection magazine Test Achats has compared the quality and reliability of 17 airlines in Europe (+ American Airlines). Here is a summary of their ranking.


    Top 3

    1. Lufthansa
    2. Brussels Airlines
    3. KLM

    Bottom 3

    1. TAP Portugal
    2. Iberia
    3. Alitalia

    Value for money

    Top 3

    1. RyanAir
    2. British Airways
    3. easyJet

    Bottom 3

    1. TAP Portugal
    2. Iberia
    3. Alitalia


    Top 3

    1. American Airlines
    2. KLM
    3. British Airways

    Bottom 3

    1. Thomas Cook Airlines
    2. RyanAir
    3. TNT

    Staff/flight attendants

    Top 3

    1. TNT
    2. JetairFly
    3. Brussels Airlines

    Bottom 3

    1. Alitalia
    2. Iberia
    3. RyanAir

    Check-in procedure

    Top 3

    1. Lufthansa
    2. Brussels Airlines
    3. KLM

    Bottom 3

    1. Iberia
    2. Alitalia
    3. RyanAir

    The ranking was established based on feedback from Belgian customers, which explains why some airlines are not in the list. I am not sure which airlines were excluded. There is no mention of Air France, Swiss Air, Austrian Airlines, SAS or Finnair. Air France is surely listed, but never made the top or bottom 3.

    It's amazing how well cultural stereotypes apply to airlines regarding punctuality. German and Dutch-speaking companies top the list, while Latin countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal) pay the least heed to it.

    The staff ranking is surely biased by the fact that respondents were Belgian, as the three airlines on top are Belgian (well JetairFly is the Belgian subsidiary of the UK's TUI Travel), and therefore communication problems should be less frequent.
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    A man was sitting in the bar at Heathrow Terminal 3 and noticed a really beautiful woman sitting next to him. He thought to himself: 'Wow, she's so gorgeous she must be an air hostess. I wonder which airline she works for. '

    Hoping to pick her up, he leaned towards her and uttered the Delta Airline slogan, 'Love to fly and it shows?'
    She gave him a blank, confused stare and he immediately thought to himself:' Well, she obviously doesn't work for Delta.'
    A moment later, another slogan popped into his head, so he leaned towards her again and said, 'Something special in the air?'
    She gave him the same confused look, and he mentally kicked himself, while scratching Singapore Airlines off the list.
    He thought 'Perhaps she works for Thai Airways...' and said, 'Smooth as Silk?' This time the woman turned on him and said, 'What the F*** do you want?' The man smiled, slumped back in his chair, and said - 'Ahhhhh, Ryanair!'

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    Michael O'Leary of Ryanair goes into a Dublin pub and asks for a pint of Guinness.
    "That'll be two Euros," says the barman.
    "That's a reasonable price," replies O'Leary.
    "Would you like a glass with that sir?" asks the barman
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    Polish Airlines LOT - it stands for Late Or Tomorrow :)

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