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Thread: R1b in Iberian Peninsula, France and the British Islands

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    Quote Originally Posted by zanipolo View Post
    What I am saying is that the link between iberia and british isles , for migration and commerce was established at the time by the phoenicians and/or with the armorica veneti via the phoenicians.
    Caldey island in southern wales had these "levant" people arriving from the bronze age, in the levant and constantinople areas, even as late as the 13th century. northern cornwall and devon are the same position.
    Bascially this bay (inland sea) , which bristol IIRC is the main port , has plenty of these finds, pottery, script and even dna which I refer to which matches identically with dna in iberia, which also matches dna in the levant.

    I just gave you a history of the beginnings of the southwest british dna and where it came from.
    -- I do not consider anyway that the %s of E1b1+T we find in some countries could be linked to the only Phoenician presence (nor Carthagian) - Even in Iberia, Y-E1b1 presence seams very too old to be linked to them only (but maybe have you new surveys with detailed downstream HGs of this Y-E1b1?)-
    -- considering this topic, I do not see very well what is the matter with Phoenicians whose DNA, contrary to what I believe understanding from you, is almost absent or very low in Brittain and Ireland, and surely in the other countries involved in this discussion -
    -- perhaps the Y-E1b1 of N-E Wales (founder effect of some colonisers?) has something to do with Phoenician Y-DNA, I can not discuss it without detailed element by ma hand - It would be surprising because of the northern position of this region as opposed to S-Wales where Y-E1b1 w(hatever the geogrpahic origin) is very scarce -
    -- important contacts by sea and by land existed between Iberia ha the Isles well before the historical Phoenicians was mentioned (firts Neolithic "farmers", Megaliths builders), or we have to consider that the Megaliths builders was Phoenicians??? (it is possible that they came from a nearby region, by the fact, I do not know)
    -- on another hand I find interesting the precisions of Razyn about the Y-R1b new discovered SNPs distributions, just I say that:
    eveytime I read the post LGM recovering of lands started in Iberia: it is very wrong: the most of the Paleolithic populaton was in Aquitain, not Iberia, even if Cantabrica and Pyreneas was well settled, whatever the conclusions we take from that... the post LGM surely saw tribes or small clans expanding step by step northwards and eastwards, with more than a nucleus of growing population, more than an stop and more than a re-expansion -
    sorry for my frenglish

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    I wonder what subclade of r1b is Southern Spain, according to the map there is more than 50 % r1b in Southern Spain, but if you add up all main subclades of L51, it is much less
    Is there another subclade of L51, or are they descending from another branch of r1b?
    As far as I know, L23 is in the Balkans and Southern Italy, but not in Spain.

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    Great to have a fellow Galician (or Norte Portugal) Celt schooling the haters still angry Romans and Muslims didn't come in and overwhelm our R1b L21 Ancestros. Remember even Vascones and Basque still can't believe we out competed for their women in bed and baby making!!! ......and we brought more Rh-Negatives to Basque Country than we ever took away. The Spanish Falcata Sword was perfected by R1b L21 Celts. Whose own Bronze and Iron Smelting were legendary. As with the Standing Stones even the Romans allowed to stand as a tribute to Galician Celts to mine and fabricate into many Bronze and Iron Age Tools.

    Where Rome offered Tribute to the Galician Warriors by building the Tower of Hercules Lighthouse today. King Breogan is celebrated at 'A Coruna' too. The magnificent Bronze Sculpture of Hercules was uncovered the Latins/Romans spoke much about their respect for the Celtic Warriors. Warriors Romans said were amazing as they would meet in the Battlefield riding their Advanced Iron Age Chariots into battle. The Galicians as most Celtic Armies..... would put Warriors on their War Chariots, catch them on fire for Burial.

    Look at all the Hill Forts found in the Iberian Peninsula and most of all remember those ancient Iberian Tribes got out competed by more virile R1b L21 Males. Remember R1b L21 make up over 50% of the Iberian Peninsula Today and no other haplogroup can say that today. I am proof that R1b Man Totally PWNS..... the bedroom when it when it comes to having babies and extending their Male Y Chromosome Genetics. Basque Country for all its isolated Language and Culture is still 90% R1b L21 Celts. Like Galicia and Norte Portugal still are today as well. Now what did the Romans do about Galicians speaking their own Celtic Language? Well they didn't try to kill it and instead promoted Galician as the Celtic derived Language of these R1b L21 People! ;-P: ....who also had high percentages of Rh-Negative Blood Factor and Type! and between interesting to see that you share the same mtDNA Haplogroup as me too. Now if you were also Rh-Negative like my Basque Marker tells me I am, we could be twins! .....especially of you were Towhead growing up grew darker with age and Blue, Green or Hazel Eyes to go with your Galician Celtic Ethnic Identity!

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    Tell me what it takes to go also to buy it.

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