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Thread: German Empire

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    German Empire

    Has the EU turned into Germany's Empire?

    The Greek bailout is has highlighted the loss of sovereinty of member states and how much Germany is having a say in how various countries are being run. With talk of a more centralised fiscal policy are we seeing the final steps toward Germany's power grip on Europe?
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    Well, Germany is the biggest by population and the richest economy. Their influence has been nerfed to the benefit of smaller countries. I don't see how this is unfair personally. I think it's very fair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Folkesson View Post
    Well, Germany is the biggest by population and the richest economy. Their influence has been nerfed to the benefit of smaller countries. I don't see how this is unfair personally. I think it's very fair.
    The Greeks see it as undesirable, they made that known to the rest of the world. Fair? Unfair? What does that mean? Care to explain? Either you accept the EU as a failure or you try to dictate your philosophy to people who hate you more, each passing day. Do you see where this is going? The EUR closed at 1.2369? Why? Because the people are different, they don't like each other, and they don't care for each other. They don't want the EU, and they'll get rid of it.

    It's fun for the Germans to yell at the Greeks, isn't it? Do you know what the Greeks think? **** the Germans and French, we'll burn them alive.

    Either accept war in the imminent future or dissolve the EU.

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    Very good points guys. I say, give the Greeks their fiscal independence back, especially if they beg for it. Let them try to get out of their mess by themselves. Let them blame only themselves for their mess. They want to live in their rampant socialism and "enjoy it", be my guest. Europe shouldn't carry unthankful Greeks and their way of life, their overblown social system, and lack of entrepreneurial and economic thinking.
    I don't mind helping countries in distress, but the help needs to be appreciated. If not, hasta la vista. At this moment billions of EU help should be spent to pay Greece debt directly to the banks to avoid financial meltdown and shock, get euro out of Greece and learn how to avoid similar messes in the future.

    Germany on the other hand are the strongest and best performing economy. As such it will dominate in Europe in any form, union or empire. The historical fact is that all countries in this position spread their influence in any form more than others, and nothing much can be done to stop it, or should it be. The good thing is that in current form of Germany influence all Europe benefits and thanks to this Europe position is stronger as hole than it would be without Germany. I don't think there is anything to worry about Germany's strong position in this time in history. They more like good neighbors and friends these days.
    I even find the first/leading picture on this thread too provocative, not to say offensive and distasteful.

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    Go Germany! I'm with the Germans on this one.

    They're being expected to bail out a country in which the population appear to be broken hearted at the prospect of either living within their means based on what they can export to pay for what they want or living to a standard based on what they presently export.

    Those are the only two long term options they have.

    Rather interesting that a comment coming from the Balkans immediately sees war as a possible, even likely option.

    Sort of exposes a mind set probably based on memes as I see it.
    Some days you're the dog. Other days you're the lamp post.

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    Is the German economy as secure as we all think?

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    aimless wanderer Mzungu mchagga's Avatar
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    Try to take a survey in Germany and you'll hardly find a German who will see the EU as an Empire for the benefit of the Germans. The result among the population will propably be the same as anywhere else in Europe.

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