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Thread: Spain's FM Defends An EU-LAC Alliance "Without Paternalism"

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    ^ lynx ^

    Spain's FM Defends An EU-LAC Alliance "Without Paternalism"

    Spain's FM Defends An EU-LAC Alliance "Without Paternalism"

    On Friday 14 May, the Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Miguel Ángel Moratinos, proposed the establishment of a "strategic alliance" between the EU and Ibero-American and Caribbean countries "without paternalism or arrogance".

    Moratinos was taking part in the plenary of the Eurolat Parliamentary Assembly, where this week 150 members of parliament, half from the European Parliament and half from Ibero-American parliaments, have been meeting in Seville.

    According to the Minister, the EU wants "privileged, strategic and more ambitious" relations with Latin American and Caribbean countries, since, in his opinion, present relations are "insufficient".

    The idea is to establish a "place of stability and a shared future" and "to pull in the same direction" in spite of the "multiple and varied agendas" of the different countries.

    The Fourth EUROLAT Plenary Session should have been held in a Latin American country, but due to the exceptional situation of the summit to be held on Tuesday 18 May between the EU and Latin America and the Caribbean (EU-LAC) in Madrid, it is taking place in Spain. This assembly is the parliamentary institution of the Bi-Regional Strategic Association, set up in June 1999, within the framework of the EU-LAC Summits.

    In this Summit, the Spanish Presidency expects -as the Secretary of State for the European Union, Diego López Garrido, said last Thursday- "a first strategic plan" with Mexico, "a plan for innovation and development" with Chile, and at least the "beginning of an association agreement" with Central America, Peru and Colombia.

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    BAD idea.

    VERY bad idea, at least for the rest of us in the EU.
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    I agree but I guess Mr Moratinos thought that it was necessary speech to protect the spanish inversions in the zone.


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