Athough his webpage about origin and spread of European haplogroups be exemplary, I have found in the forum some claims by our webmaster that I do not agree. They are the following ones.
- Neanderthal genes in modern humans: all genetic data available at present (just mtDNA unfortunately) refute this theory;
- Mankind as carnivore specie: human dental system and biological dysfunctions occurring to those who have a diet rich of meat refute this theory;
- Blue eyes and blond hair from Kurgan people: as said by another member of eupedian forum community it is very difficult to believe that those characters were originated in men with an haplogroup close related with American natives’ one. I believe that first men to have blue eyes and blond hair lived about 10000 years ago in West Baltic shores and were of haplogroup I. Moreover I believe that haplogroup R men of late Neolithic migration wave have features similar to nowadays Tajiks;
- Lapps as Mongolic race: to belong mainly to haplogroup N does not mean to have Mongolic physical traits: haplogroups are not peoples (at least to day);
- Indoeuropean languages from Kurgan people: even if possible we do not have any proven theory about origin of IE languages and I think that, without a time machine, we will never have anyone. Nevertheless I have noted that North IE languages as Germanic, Slavic and Celtic ones have a less rich inflection system in verbs (conjugation) than South IE languages as Latin, Greek and Sanskrit and a syntax a bit different. I think that North IE languages have conserved the structure of pre IE languages borrowing most of the words from new settlers’ speech.