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Thread: banned book help

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    banned book help

    if this is the wrong forum i apologize,

    I have a book in my possession that i believe is to be a rare out of print book at least here in the US.
    It was written in 1969 by Pete Morrison, titled "Coming like Crazy", there is a forward to the book by Allan Saunders, M.A. claiming that it has been banned by the London Metropolitan Censor and on a "prohibited" list in Paris.

    I have already checked through and and finally found acknowledgment that the book does exist but that is all.

    can anyone please put me in contact with some European rare/underground book sellers so that i could possibly find out the value of this book?

    thank you for any and all assistance

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    no one has any references?

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    Sorry, never heard of it. Neither the author nor the book are on Wiki. It was probably not published in a lot of copies, even in the USA.
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    I've found nothing on it...

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    i know people can't find anything on it, neither can i, hence why i'm trying to get in contact with some european book collectors and or rare book dealers
    i know i'm not crazy here's a picture of the book
    crap can't post the link
    h t t p : / / p g

    just take out the spaces

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