Hello. Any advice, opinions, or input would be greatly appreciated on this. I'm torn between traveling to Greece or to Italy. I have spent more than one month in Italy before, and I absolutely love everything about the places in Italy I spent time in, which were Florence (Firenze) and Rome (Roma). I speak near-fluent Italian. I have not visited Southern Italy, which I would likely do if I were to return to Italy (in addition to visiting Florence in Tuscany). I know that I would love to return to Italy. On the other hand, I have a strong desire to experience and get to know Greece (in part because I have never been there). I own the Rosetta Stone Greek language computer program so I have a tool for learning much Greek. A question I have is: how similar or different (in your experiences) are these two countries? If I visit Italy I will travel to Tuscany and Sicily. If I visit Greece I will travel to Athens and Crete (and possibly Corfu town (Kerkira)). So if I'm absolutely in love with Italy, would I enjoy Greece? Or would I regret not having returned to Italy? Feel free to ask me any questions that might help you answer my question. Thank you and I'm interested to hear your responses!