I suspect from ysearch matches I'm either R1b1b2a1a4 or R1b1b2a1b3.

I only have 9 exact 12/12 matches with FTDNA so I have a rare set of Y-DNA 12 markers. If I have GD of 1 and have 4 hits roughly what are the chances I belong to that subclaude?

Note I've ordered the Y37 upgrade. Money is very tight now but with the FTDNA special I just had to upgrade. A confirmed a distant cousin (common ancestor back 8 generations) will have his Y67 upgrade. What is the chance all his 67 markers will match mine? I will only have 37 markers and we currently have a 12/12 match.

Is it as simple as the mutation rate times the number of generation difference or it much more complicated?