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Thread: Help for Edinburgh

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    Help for Edinburgh

    Hello people,

    I am visiting Edinburgh Scotland in October and I was wondering if there was people who have been there or even better living there could help me out.

    I was wondering what kind of experiance and suggestions you have to share.

    I want to visit historical places during day time and eat at a pretty much cheap traditional food and go out in the night. I am a student so cheap is a important issue :)

    Thanks in advance!

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    much cheap

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    Edinborough is a nice place. I visited it once. I think the main attraction is probably the castle.

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    Hi Selçuk,
    I believe you can find all possible info in any good tourist guide (I am fond of the DK eyewitness series, it gives you an idea of what you visit, and the structure of the book is easy to follow). The one thing I recommend you to do is to get a bike for a couple of days and go to visit the Rosslyn Chapel (of Da Vinci Code fame), one of the most beautiful sacred buildings I ever visited. On the second day, go shortly before dusk to see the Forth Bridge, which is breathtaking at that time of the day. Enjoy your time there and make ure to share your recommendations when you come back.

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    Edinburgh is a great City, my favourite in the world. In terms of what to see the city is pretty compact so start at the Royal Mile which runs all the way up to the Castle (Castle is pretty expensive to visit but at least go to the forecourt for the views). I love also visiting the New Town and also head down to Stockbridge which is beautiful and is missed by most tourists. Museams and art galleries are free in Edinburgh and are well worth a visit. I would suggest trip advisor for finding where to eat on a budget as the main tourist areas are expensive. Enjoy!

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