Sick and tired of the Spanish North and its attempt to convince the world that are more Vikings and Indo-European than the rest of Spanish, perhaps influence regional nationalists who are extremely damaging to Spain in general.

Lucía Dubra. Galicia.

Patricia Gadea. Andalucía. Madrid.

Ángeles Ramos. Gran Canaria.

Roser Aguilar. Cataluña.

Miriam Olga Pastor Burgos. Murcia.

Mujer vasca. Euskadi.

Blanca Manchón. Andalucía.

Sheila Espinosa. La Rioja.

Mujer. Aragón.

Eva María Fernández. Andalucía.

Katalín de Madariaga. Euskadi.

Belén Greaves. Euskadi.

Alicia de Miguel García. Valencia.

María Dolores Gorostiaga Saiz. Cantabria.

Araceli Martínez Esteban. Castilla La Mancha.

If the photos did not include name and regional origin of these women, no one can distinguish the place in Spain where they belong, so:

Boys in northern Spain!, You are not Vikings, you are Spanish