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Thread: Stonehenge Boy was from the Med

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    Stonehenge Boy was from the Med

    Stonehenge Boy was from the Med

    Isotope analysis of a boy’s teeth who had been buried with an amber-bead necklace at Stonehenge 3,550 years ago indicates that he had grown up around the Mediterranean sea. “Most archaeologists would say that when you find burials like this…people who can get these rare and exotic materials are people of some importance,” said Andrew Fitzpatrick of Wessex Archaeology.
    It seems that our Bronze Age European ancestors did some considerable traveling. The article in the link suggests that maybe the boy was traveling with his family to Stonehenge as sort of a religous shrine.
    It might be that he was a slave who was a sacrafice of some sort at Stonehenge. Although as the article states I doubt a slave would have been buried with a valuable amber necklace.

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    Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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    The burial:

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