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Thread: Columbus DNA Origin

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    Columbus DNA Origin

    This article is about 3 years old and I have not been able to find any follow up on it and if it ever resulted in any definite findings?

    Search for Christopher Columbus Origin

    Apparently he was able to get several hundred samples from the Ligurian area of Italy and the Catalan area Spain of individuals named Columbo and Colom hoping to find a match with one of the two groups. Apparently Colom is the Catalan version of the name and Columbo the Italian version.

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    A Catalan independence party has been paying for study abroad to show that Columbus was Catalan, the payment is for the etudie result is affirmative. Is just stupid nazi-onale separatist propaganda system.

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    I wonder if any updates are regarding this.
    As far as I read his brother and son have been tested, is at least his (or any of his relatives) Y-dna haplogroup known?

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