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Thread: Travelling to London, Paris, Geneva, Luxembourg, Brussels and Amsterdam

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    Travelling to London, Paris, Geneva, Luxembourg, Brussels and Amsterdam

    I would really like any input that you guys have for traveling to the cities of London, Paris, Geneva, Luxembourg, Brussels and Amsterdam. I am a working professional and I have 2 weeks of vacation. I would like to get a general feel for each city and I would like to find lodging with my own room and bathroom.

    1. In what order should I visit all the cities?
    2. What mode of transportation I should take going from one city to the other?
    3. What should I see in each city?
    4. Where should I stay in each city?
    5. How many days I should spend in each city?
    6. Any tours that are provided in any of these cities that you recommend?
    7. Any special food that I should eat while in any of these cities? I am vegetarian.

    Thanks for all the help.
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