There is obviously need for separate discussion about Macedonians.... who were ancient Macedonians...who are Macedonians of today?

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Proof? because I can prove that they were bulgarians before WW2. There were macedonian dynasties during the eastern roman empire (Byzantine), like Basil the second, which fought and won against who they call their ansestors, czar samuel ect.

In all reality, this dispute isn't about what they call themselves, it's the territorial claims they make based on their imagined community. This is why Greece doesn't mind they use the term 'macedonia', as long as the is a prefix, like northern, Upper, New Macedonia ect, which distinuishes itself from the greek Macedonia. Bulgaria feels the same way and back greece on this.
stage is yours Elias...let's see your proof that Macedonians were Bulgarians before WW2... try to base your "proof" on credible historical sources....if any...