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Thread: Research Methods

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    Question Research Methods

    An investigation that seems obvious to me is one that I have not seen performed and/or described. This research would examine the STR variations within a population of individuals with a given SNP haplogroup. I am in the R1b1b2a1a1d* haplogroup. The defining mutation of this group, L48, has been estimated to have occurred as little as 3000 YBP (there are older estimates). The existence of this mutation, by definition, means that there was a single man who lived 3000 (or more) years ago who successfully passed on a mutation, that happened in his body, to every R1b1b2a1a1d* individual alive today. This man also had within him a set of STR loci with specific counts for those STRs. These STR counts are the starting point for all of his descendants. Every man alive today with the L48 mutation, also has a set of STR measurements that could only have mutated from the originators set. It seems to me that an STR study of members of a particular haplogroup could be used the same way as overall STR studies have been used; namely to establish groupings of people, geographic implications of the origins of those people, and better age estimates of the SNP and STR mutations involved.
    If studies of this kind do exist, does anyone know where I can get details? If not, is there some problem with the suggested research?

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    How do I delete a reply?

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    It's all so new that probably if you do this research you'll be the first one to figure it out. ;)
    If I find something I'll let you know. :)

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