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Sure, main goal of Serbian DNA Project with arround 5000 samples is finding a match to one Albanian.
I never said that is their main goal, but as you know they are fanatically often trying to prove some of their weird theories.
Like Albanian clans being of Serb origin or Sanxhak Muslims being actually Muslim Serbs and plenty of similar propaganda.

I am probably the most mentioned Albanian member, and they mentioned my family plenty of times, and they mentioned my name and surname multiple times, even tho they were mentioning others also, but not that much : )
This special attention they are giving me is a bit annoying.

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Btw, speaking about that, check on Poreklo thread about last ''World DNA day'', there is one Y22063 from southern Serbia with 385ab=16-19, 389II=27 and 576=16.

Well as being old Kosovo family there is no wonder that i will probably get few serbicized matches, i see that he is from Prokupje. Dont forget that it was Albanian Vilayet only 100 years ago and South Serbia population is very Albanian like as in most part their assimilation is recent.

Sjenica - Nis - Shkup triangle was very Albanian populated only 100 years ago, and many of them today saying they are Serbs are actually recent asimilants.

Even Serbs agree that M205 Serbs were all assimilated in last 500 years, so i dont see what are we talking about here.