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Ok, you have personal issues. You said forum-alb/foleja as if they were related forums not specifically forum-al.com which discussion was extremely short and was a reaction to his provocations, and you sneakily tried to portray me as participating in some other feuds which i didn't and don't give a damn lol.
As for that guy, he is Bulgarian descended for sure, Gorani/Golobrdasi are known for being so in the general population.
Who are you to sponsor kits you are interested in and putting it into the general population statistics?
He's Albanian. He identifies as Albanian, and will form a young cluster among Albanians, regardless of his most distant ancestry. He is autosomally clustering with Albanians as well.

You like every other a product of post-communist revisionism peddling the same bs.

They are Albanians, and the majority identify as such. It's not for you to decide what they are. Otherwise you Albanians from Macedonia are equally just Torbesh/Shka. So lay off the propaganda.

Who am I to do that?

Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do with my money?

What authority do you have? Absolutely NONE.

I do with my money as I please.

Instead of whining about underrepresented/undersampled regions, I went ahead and gathered substantial money I WORKED FOR, and contributed it to the villages and regions I wanted tested.

Not only for the purpose of unraveling my fis, but for the purpose of representing Dibra and Western Macedonia as a whole, who have had practically no contribution outside of the Mountainous tribal regions or individual testers.

So, why don't you mind your business and don't tell me what I can and can't do with my money.

What I have sponsored has been included in population statistics because they are part of the population. Excluding data you don't like is just as bad if not worse than your claim of manipulating data and cherry picking to "deflate E-V13". Which you still have failed to provide any evidence for.